Gaurang brings the finest global aesthetics and essence of chiffon in our very native indigenous handlooms and empowers the weavers by revisiting and redefining their treasured hand-weaving skills. He aspires to popularise the Chiffon Sarees amongst the young by seeding into them a new dimension of contemporariness.

With a flattering balance of texture and colour in our unique Bandhani and Ajrakh printed Chiffons create a visual symphony never seen before.


Kasuti, this exceptional and exquisite heritage thread work barely survived the travails of time. Consciously reviving this folk art, Gaurang’s skilled Kasuti artisans, delicately accentuate his exquisite handwoven Sarees with as many as 700 distinct designs from memory and with amazing dexterity.

Kasuti is a time-intensive counting threads technique, where stitches are placed on the cloth after counting warp and/or weft threads.

Appreciating the uniqueness of Kasuti, Gaurang’s designs celebrate and preserve the diversity of this folk craft, with striking beauty and understated elegance making this simple craft still so relevant today.