Khadi, a Canvas

For Gaurang Shah, Khadi is a true symbol of Indian identity: “The textile history of India and the expertise in the field were major reasons for the prosperity of India in ancient era. But under the colonial rule, the British destroyed the textile industry of India. Under Gandhi’s Swadeshi movement Khadi production was encouraged, enabling Indians to regain their confidence and dignity through Self-reliance.


“As a designer, I have often wondered what makes Jamdani such a captivating canvas to so many like me. After 20 years of working with weavers across India, I have found a layered answer. There is, of course, the legacy. In fact, every piece you have seen today is my homage to the past masters who created Jamdani by infusing tradition with a spirit of experimentation. I believe Jamdani’s future is not very different from its past! In this interlace connected through time and timelessness, I hope you, too, have discovered your own idea of Jamdani’s essence.”

"My work is driven by the Indian jamdani weaving technique. Every piece takes months, some even take several years to make. What makes it unique is that I don’t mass produce them.”

“Yes, beauty is the most important aspect of textile. It must fill you with that breathtaking ‘wow!’ But it is not that alone. It is also the story of the person who toils day after day to make it. All his hopes, dreams, joys, frustrations, inspirations and desires are poured into it, thread by thread. Handloom is not an inert piece of fabric that looks good or you will look good in. It is as alive as its maker. To touch it is to be touched by life.”

– Gaurang Shah