In Uppada, playing with new innovations in Jamdani that allow for greater intricacy than ever, Gaurang has crafted increasingly complex patterns and designs that has never been attempted before giving his Sarees a whole new dimension in wearable art.

Florals from nature are his inspiration to create master-piece Uppada sarees with a local resonance. Using the jamdani art of weaving for a subtler aesthetics and elegance, a new design vocabulary with unique colour palette, elaborate designs like the tree of life ancient motifs, exquisite chintz etc are woven.

The time-intensive process, intricacy and craftsmanship bring a beautiful balance between the distinctive delicate patterns and zari, rendering this light drape Uppada a modern treasure.


The time-consuming technical skill of the Khadi Jamdani weavers of Srikakulam are some of the finest in India, making their elaborated decorated weaves most highly valued. With artistic ingenuity and design direction from Gaurang the skilled weavers merge colour and thread on their loom, creating any designs of any length, allowing for intricacies that can change every centimetre, being innovative and adventurous they continue to push the boundaries of this art.

Gaurang is striving to ensure Srikakulam reclaims its place as the abode of India’s finest weavers by honing the finesse of Khadi through his captivating kinetic visual vocabulary and invincible design aesthetics.


Gaurang has ensured that Venkatgiri is continuing its ancient tradition of weaving through design innovation. By including huge border designs and all over jaal designs and experimenting with silk and cotton to get varied textures, adorned with the vibrant warm hues of traditional colours, these opulent masterpieces are woven with care from the finest silk and cotton.

While expanding the size of motifs makes the Sarees even more bountiful in its patterns, these Venkatagiri sarees take anywhere between six to nine months to weave. Gaurang’s continuous effort to improvise the aesthetics of this weave has ensured Venkatagiri Sarees retain its glorious legacy and is still relevant and popular with the Saree patrons of today.


Under Gaurang Kalamkari, the ancient Indian hand-painting textile crafts has evolved from the static-ritual-based-cloth-painting to an inspirational journey of elucidating the richness of the artist’s endeavour and imagination with natural-dye-colours on 6-yard canvas with the terrain of perfection.

A tedious and time-consuming traditionally laborious technique involving labour-intensive 23 steps, Gaurang’s skilled craftsmen aesthetically render the simplicity of visual narrative of our inherited myth & legends, flora & fauna, nature, art & architecture and contemporary impressions into meticulous fluidity of detailed paintings with fast and brilliant colours on Sarees making each piece striking unparallel gem in this genre of art form.

His signature natural dyed kalamkaris are done on Kanchipuram silk. Diverting from the traditional motifs and styles of kalamkari, he takes inspiration from the frescos of Ajanta caves, historical ancient monuments, nature, village life etc. He has converted this hand painting craft into wearable pieces of art in tussar, silk, cotton and Khadi.