Ikat is considered one the most difficult resist-dye textiles art with the design carried on both warp and weft threads. This weave needs utmost precision and skill. Even a small mistake damages the entire saree.Through design innovation and skill upgradation of the weavers , Gaurang has successfully kept this weave relevant and popular.

He has revived the traditional designs of ikat along with exquisite contemporary ones in futuristic color combinations like ink blue and fuschia pink, or lemon yellow and parrot green, orange and purple making them reliably the world’s most brilliantly colourful textiles. Gaurang’s ikat masterpieces take from eight months to two years to weave.


As a visionary artist Gaurang has re-interpreted and taken Petit-Point embroidery to new heights of design and excellence in soft and flowing fabrics with a feminine allure. Highly stylized , experimental, individualistic and original , he uses these tiny stitches on his 6 yard Saree canvas or its border with the highest thread count creating a three-dimensional effect in this needle work technique. In some of his masterpieces there can be as many as 1200 stitches per sq. inch with a myriad of details, hues and colours in a very small patch of his design.

His skilled women artisans use different threads to help create shading to create the extremely minute and delicate motifs and exotic patterns of highly stylised flora and fauna. This is very labour-intensive embroidery technique on contemporary designs can take 8 months to 2 years to transform the Saree into a classic that can never go out of style.