The art of weaving is exactly that—an art. It requires skill, precision and rhythm, which when repeated over and over, produces a delicate weave. Kota-doria, is one such weave, easily identified by its checkered texture of a unique blend of cotton and silk.

Gaurang’s Jamdani Kota-Doria Sarees are distinct and infused with countless motifs and hues of colours. To breathe life into his Kota creations he extensively uses Jamdani-the most advanced hand weaving technique in the world and through the magic of one inlaid thread—added discontinuously onto the loom in the weft —efficaciously turns the Saree into an artist’s canvas for mesmerising patterns.

This Jamdani technique is so time intensive that on a customary day, an artisan can weave only between a quarter and one inch of fabric which astonishingly translates to two years for a handwoven Jamdani Kota-Doria Saree.


Our handwoven Sarees are ornamented with the legendary Sanganeri, the 5 centuries old hand-block printing technique from Sanganer near Jaipur, Rajasthan. With a private collection of blocks of timeless unique design, a few as old as 110-90 years, our prints speak a thousand words to the beholder when used over our finely woven luxurious Sarees of beauty.

Gaurang’s Sanganeri are colourful in hues of Indigo blue and steeped in creativity with his distinctive design elements, colour schemes and motifs known for its curves, fineness and delicacy. Thoughtfully and ethically made with eco-friendly, sustainable Indigo dyes done byspecialists who possess unparalleled expertise in the secrets of natural plant dyes, and block printed by artisans with decades of experience and brilliant skills.

Sanganeri, the artisanal textile tradition offering, under Gaurang is constantly evolving by developing its unique voice through his karigars – indigo dyer and the block printers;to create an element of timelessness in a world which is ever changing…


Gaurang’s unique Leheriya are an ode to the Sandy Deserts of Rajasthan, inspired by the desert landscape.His designs use up to an astonishing 9-12 tints whilst folding-rolling the fabric before it is tiedcreating spectacular rectangular spaces, squares, colourful diagonals, flamboyant stripe and chevron patterns.

Indulging in extremely complex designs , his handwoven Paithani, Maheshwari, Khadi, Kanchi are ornamented in a myriad vibrant colours and patternsof distinctive Leheriya by the skilled craftspersonensuring these traditional and time-tested wrap resist techniques infuse a distinctiveness at every turn of the process, retaining a harmony with the heritage craft form.

By promoting these flamboyant Leheriya as a part of the contemporary textile repertoirea living craft has successfully adapted to an evolving market with new designs, techniques, and luxurious creations.