Derived from the Sanskrit word ‘banda’, meaning ‘to tie’, bandhini is an intricate form of indigenous resist tie-dye technique where the fabric is plucked with fingernails and tied with a cotton thread forming a figurative design which is later dyed into the desired colour. 

Gaurang combines this labour-intensive craft, where each bandhini dot filing the motif/ design pattern is tied single-handedly, on handwoven Sarees of Kota, Paithani, Khadi, Tussar, Chanderi, Organza etc giving bandhani a never-seen-before update. His master artisans have kept the craft alive and thriving by creating varied breath-taking masterpieces that are truly evergreen and fashion forward with all the variations that this craft enables. His bandhini Sarees are worn with great pride and care, and are passed down generations as heirloom treasures.